Grimalkin Studio | Celtic Artwork Gallery

Celtic artwork, featuring symbolic art, Celtic knot work and fantasy as well as bit of history from Grimalkin Studio. Celtic art lives on as both a living folk art tradition and through several revivals.
And while Celtic art takes many forms, nothing is more immediately recognizable than the classic Celtic knot. Wonderfully complex, remarkably precise, and eerily three-dimensional, Celtic knots are the hallmark of traditional Irish culture. Click for Celtic Wearables & more

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Watercolor Triple Spiral Celtic ArtCeltic Green Border Art FramedWatercolor Celtic Cross Celtic SymbolTriple Spiral Black And Green Celtic ArtVintage Green Celtic ArtGold Celtic Triple SpiralThe Ogham Ailim Celtic SymbolGold Griffon Celtic ArtTriple Spiral  Metalwork FramedThe Celtic CrossThe Ogham Luis Celtic SymbolCeltic Triangle Golden MetalworkCeltic Gold Border ArtCeltic Stained Glass DiamondBeltaneImbolcWatercolor Celtic CircleTriangle Celtic Symbol Gold PatternCeltic Symbol Green WatercolorGreen Watercolor Round Celtic Knot