For Prints

Satisfaction Guarantee:  Sometimes it happens and you're not happy with the print art please email the order number with a brief description of the problem and let's make it right. You may return unaltered products within 30 days of the order date. Send me an email Contact Form and I'll give you the address to send the artwork. 

*Please note – The entire purchase price does not include reimbursement for the outgoing or return shipping charges.

I use MpixPro for  printing of my artwork, they are a premier company offering trusted professional printing. My site is hosted through Zenfolio and Mpixpro has partnered with Zenfolio. 


For Tattoo Designs


Below are the most commonly asked questions I receive when people would like to get my artwork tattooed.

 I saw your Celtic symbolic art and would like to get a tattoo made from it.

It’s pretty simple I ask a small fee of $39. USD to use my art for a tattoo only.

Legal speak ~ this is a non-exclusive design. Plain speak ~ I retain all rights to the artwork you may use it for one tattoo.

I also ask to be credited/tagged in any images you and the tattoo artist post.   Instagram   Twitter  Facebook

 How to complete the transaction?

To compensate me you may do so directly » HERE Tattoo
Use of a non-exclusive design is, only $39. USD.

A non-exclusive design would be symbolic art from my  Celtic Tattoo Designs

Upon payment  I'll email and ask you to let me know what design you've selected.  The chosen file will be delivered via email in a   high res downloadable file. Please make sure you include the entire title of the artwork as all designs are available in either jpeg or PNG. 

 I am a tattoo artist, can I tattoo your artwork?

 Thanks for your interest.
Please contact me directly [email protected] so we can discuss fees and a non-exclusive license agreement. Please note until the agreement is in place you do not have permission to use my artwork.

Please note* This applies even if its something based off of my work please don't use a portion of my art without paying ~ Your fee  helps me keep creating art, so thank you.

More legal speak: In no event will I the artist be liable for poor reproduction quality or any consequential damages.

Plain speak: Pick a reputable tattoo artist.