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Less But Better

March 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Since life has seemed a bit complicated lately. I decided to jump back into my artwork, it’s my place of refuge. I also decided to challenge myself and create a new series that offered figurative abstract work that used the minimal amount of detail to achieve it. Seemed simple at the time but became easier said than done to achieve.

So, this has been both a fun and challenging series.  Along the way, I’ve learned it’s not so easy to distill art to a simple form yet hold the thread of a large and more complex concept. I found with each work I spent more time thinking about what to take away before I began each piece, very much like a sculptor removing pieces of rock to find the art within. Its given me another tool to help view life and simplify my approach to my art and to my life in general.

sentinels  three trees abstract artThree TreesBehaving as sentinels the trees stand watch.

I’m pleased with the result and I invite you to browse my newest gallery. Abstract Minimalism Gallery



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