Grimalkin Studio | 2017 A Year That Begins With Some Uncertainty

2017 A Year That Begins With Some Uncertainty

January 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

2017 has arrived and all the uncertainty about change has arrived as well.

So far its a quiet beginning. I sit looking out on a cold morning with the sun shining and a fire in the wood stove and wonder will 2017 really be so different? Will I sit here next year feeling the sort of unfocused  dread about the state of the world that I have today? Or will the year move along as most do, with some highs and some lows but mostly a pleasant level sort of path to travel. The passage of the year will tell the tale.



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My focus will continue to be on ART, its where I find my strength and my joy. This is the place that grounds me and gives meaning and value to my life.

room with lamps

No one knows whats ahead for us and while uncertainty brings some anxiety try and remember the other side of the coin is peace. Lets take a collective breath and relax a bit so we can  renew and replenish our interest in what makes us best.

My wish for everyone is you explore the joys in your life and make the most of what you find.




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