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The Rusted Study at Goat Rock Beach

August 29, 2016  •  7 Comments

Summer is such a busy time with outdoor projects, gardening and just enjoying the surroundings. I realized it's been a while since I shared a blog with you.  

My newest gallery is The Rusted Study.  P&H Co. Model 206 steam shove #3P&H Co. Model 206 steam shove #3P&H Co. Model 206 steam shovel abandoned to the rocky shore of Goat Rock Beach in Sonoma County California. These shovels were used up and down the West Coast by the logging industry and to make rail road lines. The cab is long gone and what is left is the railway chassis which the cab would have been mounted to. While wandering the coast of Sonoma County California we  visited Goat Rock Beach near the town of Jenner. This crescent shaped expanse is bordered on the north by the mouth of the Russian River and on the south by Goat Rock, an iconic outcrop of the Sonoma Coast attached to the mainland by a narrow isthmus.

Near Goat Rock I came across this rusted old steam shovel not realizing at the time what it was since the cab had long since rusted away. But I loved the rusty gritty textures and spent some time photographing it from a variety of angles.

 It was fortunate the company name and model number remained which made a search much easier. Through the company web site I was able to learn that these shovels were used up and down the Pacific Coast in the logging industry and to clear land for rail lines.

This is a link to the University of Washington where you can see a photo of what this steam shovel may have looked like when in use.  The photograph shows an older model but you do get to see the cab.

For those of you interested in the mining company here's a link as well


Hope you enjoy the gallery and this bit of western history.




love that rusted stuff, too! - If you haven't already, check out the McLaughlin Reserve old mine for more mysterious BIG rusty old equipment!
A New Dawn Photography - Steven Reed(non-registered)
Wonderful captures and a terrific read with some really interesting history!
Jamie Aiken(non-registered)
Love the subject matter and historical information.
HH Photography of Florida ~ Helen(non-registered)
What a great find and nice that you could get some info on it. Looking forward to additions to your new gallery.
Jon Woodhams(non-registered)
I am a huge fan of rusty things. Great to read about your cool discovery.
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