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Windows the Eyes of Architecture...Just Ask a Cat

June 29, 2015  •  2 Comments

Blind EyesBlind EyesFor me, windows are compelling. I find myself looking not only at the shapes of a window, but I wonder about what goes on behind the window. This image had me noticing that even though the blinds had become so brittle from the hot sun light they were still being used for shade.   Art's picks for July... Windows

I'm going to admit this right off...I have a thing for windows. 

Its fun to walk around a city gazing at the facades of buildings and looking at the windows.

 Windows give personality to a structure, they're what make a building unique.

 Sometimes they resemble eyes looking back at us and sometimes the they beckon us to look in.

Windows sometimes are fancy dressed with  extra adornments such as blinds and sometimes the charm of the glass and frame are what catch my eye.

Windows in abandoned buildings have a forlorn beauty and hold the promise of stories untold.


“A window—it’s more entertaining than TV. Just ask a cat looking out, or a man looking in on a life he desires.” 
Jarod Kintz

One of my favorite quotes,





Steven Reed(non-registered)
Beautiful blog! Well done!
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Great piece and love the quote.
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