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October 17, 2015  •  1 Comment

Once again the  year has flown by. Its hard to believe the holiday season is almost upon us. This year I'm hoping folks will consider Independent Artists when they shop for special gifts. 

I've been giving some thought as to why folks don't automatically purchase art as gifts and I believe some people may regard it as too personal. I've had this thought myself on occasion. But isn't that the point of a gift to share something that you hold dear with others?

 Sharing, caring thats what this season is about it's a celebration and a chance to show our loved ones how much we care. So art is a perfect way to do this.

This coming season do yourself & home grown artists a favor and try sharing a bit of love through art... Perhaps a pillow or a print that can be either be framed by you or leave it to the gifted one to do in their personal style.

So sow the seeds of... ART


Peace Ornament -Artwork OnlyPeace Ornament -Artwork OnlyMake the season special with artisan cards from Grimalkin Studio.
Each design is available with a sentiment or with just the artwork.


lee craig(non-registered)
Sow the seeds of art...I like that phrase and I like the line of thinking! Yes, gifts should be personal and what better way than to give the gift of art! Blessings!
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