I like to tell a story or represent an emotion in a simple symbolic way. 

Grimalkin Studio is the home for art and photography by Kandy Hurley.

My artwork is an eclectic mixture of styles and topics. It's influenced by a variety of world cultures and is reflected in all the artwork. I like to experiment and some of my favorite pieces have come from doing the unplanned it’s fun to let the art take me on a journey.

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Grimalkin Studio is also on all your favorite Print On Demand sites if you're more comfortable shopping from sites like Redbubble, Society6, ArtPal and Fine Art America. 

 Possessing a favorite work of art to view on a regular basis is good for your spirit.

If my art can add that to your life, well how cool is that.

Kandy Hurley

I do get asked pretty often why the name Grimalkin Studio? (gra-mall-kin)

 I like having a studio name as it allows me the freedom to explore a variety of art styles. 

 In the opening scene of Macbeth, one of the three witches says, "I come, Graymalkin." She’s responding to the summons of her guardian spirit, which is in the form of a cat. Shakespeare's "graymalkin" literally means cat. Since my studio and life are cat filled it was a perfect fit.




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