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My earliest memories include drawing, painting, going on photo shoots with my dad and I've never stopped.

The root of my art is simplicity … Whatever medium I’m working in I like the constant challenge of distilling my art down to where it doesn’t use extraneous or superfluous decoration. I like to experiment and some of my favorite pieces have come from doing the unplanned. It’s fun to let the art take me on a journey.

 People often ask me why the name Grimalkin Studio? In 1987 I was trying to find a name for my art studio. I felt having a name other than my own would allow me greater freedom to explore and create different kinds of art.

I was sharing the space with three felines, Stella, Mel and senior Grimalkin (old cat) - Miss Buck. They were such an integral part of my life and my creative process. I'm sure every piece of art had a cat hair or two attached to it and the name Grimalkin Studio literally stuck.

I believe possessing a favorite work of art to view on a regular basis is good for your spirit.

If my art can add that to your life, well how cool is that.


Kandy Hurley



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