Why I love old buildings and forgotten treasures..

February 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I find that old abandoned buildings are beautiful in a gritty careworn way. They  have stories to tell. They  call to me and beg me to stop and reflect upon their history.

Abandoned farmsteads  have a particular beauty and when I come upon one  I do my best to capture their esthetic appeal and preserve a bit of history. 

This abandoned farm  sits on a  bluff above the Pacific Ocean in Mendocino County California. There are  several outbuildings each one unique with it's own story to tell.  

The area is now managed by the California State Park System. The walking trail is fringed by long grass that is moistened by dew, fog and drizzle. It is a pleasant walk but you may find it a bit mucky at times. Sturdy walking shoes are recommended.I know from first feet experience since I trekked out in my flip flops. 

​The farmyard series is part of the Abandoned Gallery in the Kandy Hurley Photography collection where you will find other derelict beauties. Forgotten FarmsteadForgotten FarmsteadThis is located on the Pacific Coast in Mendocino County California. The area has been given over to the California Park system and there is a trail that can be walked. But be forewarned the grassland gets moisture from fog so the ground is quite mucky and a pair of wells would be welcome, I know from first feet experience since I trekked out in my flip flops.


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